“I am a native Floridian, living in South Florida for over a decade. My whole life I’ve been surrounded with the lush, tropical, and beautiful landscape Florida has to offer.”
-Austyn Roth (Owner)

Being in the landscape industry since 2011 I have acquired lots of knowledge from working in the field and attending many of the national and state industry trade shows. Over the years, I have built many great connections, from plant growers to equipment manufactures.

Lucky Landscaping LLC

My top priority here at Lucky Landscaping is to build a team of driven individuals to serve all of our clients with superior service and quality.


I founded Lucky Landscaping on 3 key principles

By following these 3 principles we believe our customers can feel assured that they are being taken care of.

WIN for Property Managers, Boards and Communities by:

  • Present a Brochure-Ready Property.

  • Attract and Retain New Residents.

  • Strengthen and Increase Financials.

  • Lighten Your Load of Responsibilities.

  • Secure a One-Stop Partner.

WIN for Lucky Landscaping:

  • Exceed Expectations.

  • Develop Relationships Built on Trust.

  • Enhance the Environments of our Communities.

  • Serve Clients that Share our High Quality Standards.

  • Maintain our Reputation of Honesty, Service and Integrity.

We hope you give us the opportunity to maintain your Business & Shoppes, or HOA Community.


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