It’s the rainy season in South Florida, so here are some lawn care tips.

Remember to keep an eye on your irrigation schedule this wet season.  South Florida has had more than its fair share of rain over the last few weeks, and what many people do not know, is that this, coupled with your regular irrigation schedule, could result in over watering of your lawn.  Overwatering your lawn is actually more of a negative than underwatering it.   It can result in many adverse factors, one of the main ones being lawn fungus.

If you start noticing brown rings on your lawn, be sure to consult with your local lawn care professional to make the necessary adjustments. The fungus is a soil-borne lawn fungus, caused by overwatering for two reasons. The first is that the excess damp will stimulate the fungus spores, and secondly, overwatering kills beneficial microbial activity in the soil, causing “dead soil”.

The result of dead soil is that the missing beneficial microbes then allow for the fungus to thrive without being hampered by other microorganisms.

Get ahead of the problem and discuss this with your lawn care professional BEFORE it becomes a problem.

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