Stop Weeds In Their Tracks and Avoid Customer Complaints

Staying proactive and taking preventative measures means less follow-up maintenance for your lawn care customers, fewer complaints, and better reviews. Keep your customers happy year-round and reduce your workload by taking preventative measures and using the best herbicides on the market. A specialty herbicide product such as Dimension® will stop weeds in preemergence as well as control crabgrass in early postemergence stages.

Use Dimension® Specialty Herbicides For Best Weed Control Results

Wide Array of Uses

This top of the line herbicide is proven effective on over 45 types of grassy and broadleaf weed varieties. Weeds don’t stand a chance when they are faced with a superior herbicide, and Dimension® will make sure your customer’s yards are weed-free year-round.

Long Application Windows

Dimension® offers a more drawn out application window than other preemergence herbicides, which enables more opportunity to make applications and less time coming back to respray the missed exhibition of other preemergence products on the market.

Having a long application window also lets your lawn care business stay active further into the year, increasing your customer base and your profit. With our long application window, you can add months to your schedule and keep your customers happy for years to come.

Non-staining formulas

All of the formulas by Dimension® are proven to be non-staining for customer lawns and surrounding furniture, and will also keep your equipment from receiving nasty yellow stains. Avoid having to replace lawn furniture, or having unhappy customers due to staining by using our non-staining formulas.

Safe for Plants

Your customers want their weeds controlled, while keeping their garden looking vibrant and beautiful. With the exceptional safety standards of Dimension®, your customers’ ornamental plants will continue blooming beautifully, while taking care of nuisance weeds. Keep beautiful gardens with their marvelous colors, and give customer plants the best chance to thrive by handling weeds before they soak up the nutrients in the garden.

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