Managing Your Garden & Florida Friendly Landscaping

Living in a harsh weather environment means we need to be more aware of the impact we have in planning and managing our gardens. Actively using plants that are water efficient and attract wildlife to the habitat is the first prize. The Florida Friendly Landscaping Program has partnered with the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences Extension and the Environmental Protection Department. They have a free app you can use to design your garden or yard to contribute to a better environment.

Should you practice Florida-Friendly landscaping?

Of course, you should. Everyone needs to contribute to conserving the landscape. When you take plant type, area, water availability, fertilizer, mulching, managing stormwater runoff, protecting the waterfront, and responsible management of pests into account, it is easy to have an environmentally friendly garden.

Where do you start?

Everything needs to start with the basics—the conditions, water availability, and existing plant life you want to keep. Do a soil test next to see what you can add in terms of nutrients, mulch, and plant coverage. Check the sun exposure of the area throughout the day so that you can plant the best options for each location.

What plants should you choose?

The app showcases over 400 different plants to choose from. Check out the indigenous options as well. Plants that do not rely on a lot of water and can be drought resistant are ideal for Florida.

Select some options you love.

You need to love your garden and space, so make sure you add some of your favorite plants. Select an excellent ground cover or palm tree to add to the garden.  Don’t forget that vegetables and fruit trees are a fabulous option as well.

What plants do you need to avoid?

It is best to avoid anything that needs an excess of water or fertilizer. Adding too many plants to the area is also a common mistake. When you choose, select pest-resistant plants and grow to a specific size so you can spend less time pruning. Ensure you space the plants with sufficient space between them. When they grow, they should not have to compete for space, water, or sunlight.

What about the lawn?

Decide on what you are going to use it for and make it as functional as possible. It does have a place in a Florida-Friendly Landscape. More homes use more extensive plant beds and have habitat-friendly plants to attract more wildlife to their gardens. When you plant a diverse range of plants, you will see the reward of an abundance of birds and butterflies in your garden.

Choosing the best option for a walkway or path

Instead of using brick or hard paving for your walkways, consider permeable paving or surfaces to add to the features and water conservation. Make sure you point your gutters to the garden for optimal efficiencies and manage water runoff.  When you consider the water shortages in the Florida area and plan accordingly, you can positively reduce your water usage. Feeding rainwater runoff into your garden also reduces any contaminated water going into the surface or groundwater systems

If you feel a little overwhelmed at the prospect of redoing your landscaping, instead break it down into manageable pieces to do at a time. It will allow you to better budget and manage the whole process. If everyone does this, the overall impact on the area will be immense. We can all contribute to conserving the environment in our little way.  A beautiful garden and landscaped area is a thing of beauty and to be proud of.

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