Trees for South Florida……what will work well in the landscaping?

With southern Floridians trending toward smaller yard space, trees used in landscaping need to adapt as well. Small trees and shrubberies pruned to resemble trees need to be placed carefully, but are ideal for limited yard space. Some typically larger trees can be maintained at smaller levels when grown locally.

For fruit-bearing trees, remember to mulch the soil and protect seed areas. Your small trees need protection from wind, especially fruit trees. Depending on the soil needs of the trees listed, you may want to use a container for planting. Container planting will protect roots from wind and rain erosion of the roots.

Please pay attention to the water, soil, and sun needs of each tree when planting them within close proximity of each other. When you plan your landscaping with small trees, look at your ground covers, vegetables, and other landscape additions to plan your planting zones. Try to keep your planting separated into hydro zones with the same water needs to reduce waste.

Small Trees for South Florida


  • Attractive foliage
  • Frangrant flowers
  • Yellow, pom-pom like blooms

Orchid Tree 10-20 feet

  • Small variations of orchid trees are perfect for Miami-Dade, but avoid the Hong Kong orchid tree
  • Produces white, yellow, or pink flowering blooms
  • Poor salt tolerance
  • Needs full sun

Sugar Apple 15 feet

  • Small, spreading trees
  • Provide superior fruit
  • Poor salt tolerance
  • Adapts well to limestone soil

Fountain Tree or Fish Poison Tree 10-20 feet (when maintained locally)

  • Produce unusual flowers
  • Tolerant of Salt Spray
  • Tolerant of brackish water
  • Requires irrigation when grown in full sun

Locustberry 15-20 feet

  • Native to South Florida
  • Drought Resistant
  • Intolerant of salt

Ylang-Ylang Fruiticosa Tree 8-10 feet

  • A dwarf variant of the ylang-ylang tree
  • Can be grown in a large container
  • Intense fragrance of flowers

Cassia spp. Pink and Yellow 15-25 feet

  • Pink and yellow flowering Cassias are smaller than their traditionally massive counterparts.
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Prefer free draining soil and full sun

Peregrina (Jatropha integerrima) 10-15 feet

  • Produces year-round red cluster flowers
  • Adapts well to poor soil conditions
  • Drought tolerant
  • Can be container planted
  • Provide excellent shade for patios

Mango Mangifera indica Tree 8-12 feet

  • Dwarf cultivation of the traditional mango tree
  • Avoid dry soil
  • Drought tolerant
  • Needs full sun
  • Can be container planted
  • Bear juicy fruit

Allspice 20 feet

  • Allspice can grow very tall, and require maintenance to remain small locally
  • Roots are noninvasive
  • Produces edible berries
  • Prefers free-draining soil
  • Drought tolerant
  • Intolerant of salt

Firewheel Tree 20 feet

  • A showstopping tree with vivid red blooms
  • Must be maintained to stay small locally
  • Great for patios or poolside as a container tree

Golden Trumpet Tree 20 feet

  • Produces vibrant yellow trumpet-shaped flowers
  • The palmate leaves underside is covered in fine, yellow hair
  • Prefers the sun
  • Do not water during winter
  • Moderately tolerant to salt

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