Choose Colorful Shrubs that Conserve Water in South Florida

Many counties in Florida are committing to using water resources in more efficient ways through household water consumption reduction. It’s estimated that 30-60% of residential water consumption is for landscape irrigation. A great way to reduce water used during irrigation is to select drought-tolerant plants for your South Florida landscapes. Drought tolerance is not enough to reduce the impact of residential water use in South Florida; plants also need to have the ability to withstand the rainy season, which lasts from May to October.
Here we’ll lay out a list of drought-tolerant flowering shrubs with vibrant color options you can add to your landscape in South Florida:

Colorful Shrubs from Around the World

These selections of colorful flowering shrubs have seen great results in South Florida.

  • Bougainvillea and Tree Bougainvillea

      • With dry soil conditions, the purple flowering bougainvillea displays vibrant hues year-round. Tree selections can grow as high as 30 feet, or maintained at 8 to 10 feet.
  • Oleander

      • Oleander’s high salt tolerance makes it an ideal choice for coastal locations to add a pop of color. They come in a wide variety of color selections such as; white, cream, yellow, pale pink, red, maroon, and purple.
  • Crape Myrtles

      • With many cultivars of crape myrtles available, these versatile trees and shrubs add a hint of red and orange fall colors, and their flowering buds change color throughout the year.
  • Plumeria

      • These small, fragrant flowering trees grow year-round in Miami-Dade’s climate and offer a fresh lemony scent to your garden. They are both drought and salt tolerant, as well as beautiful.

Colorful Shrubs Native to South Florida

These selections are native to South Florida to have a long history of thriving in our climate.

  • Locustberry

  • Florida Clover Ash

  • Jamaica Caper

  • Lignumvitae

  • Smooth Strongback

  • Beautyberry

  • Buttonsage

  • Wild Allamanda

  • Varnish Leaf

  • Pineland Acacia

  • Bahama Senna

Often Overlooked Drought Resistant Shrubs for South Florida

While all of the options below provide great color variety to a southern Florida landscape, they are often overlooked as a viable option. Learn more about each one, and start creating a beautiful vibrant landscape that doesn’t suck out our natural water resources.

  • Dwarf Poinciana

  • Cassia-Leafed Caesalpinia

  • Coral Plant

  • Jamaican Poinsettia

  • Peregrina

  • Compacta

  • Brush Pentas

  • Pride of the Cape

  • Bahamas Fire Bush

  • Flame Vine

  • Yellow Cordia

  • Desert Cassia

  • Chestnut-leafed Elder

  • Succulent Sesame

  • Golden Dew Drop

  • Natal Plum

  • Bracelet Wood

  • Joewood

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