Caring for Catharanthus Soiree Kawaii

For beautiful blooms without the burden of constant maintenance, Soiree Kawaii are a thriving option. These adorable blooms turn any yard into a beautifully landscaped masterpiece that can stand the heat of the south. These low-maintenance plants grow to about 10 inches tall once fully mature and spread to about 18 inches around. The foliage remains low and dense near the ground, making it a beautiful ground covering.

As part of the Roseus species, Soiree Kawaii is sometimes known as periwinkle or vinca vine. These adorable flowering plants thrive in heat, love the sun, and aren’t particular to soil type of pH. Even with urban pollution, this plant can grow in urban environments. Soiree Kawaii is extremely versatile, and can be ground planted, planted in pots, or planted in hanging pots. If planted in a pot, it will spill over, so be sure to plant near edges where it can spill gracefully. Take note when planting in outdoor baskets and containers, they will need more frequent watering than when they are planted in the ground.

Care and Planting for Catharanthus Soiree Kawaii

  • Plant in partial or full sun.
  • When soil is dry, water with a well-balanced fertilizer
  • Plant with other heat-loving annuals
  • Keep pets and children away – the flowers are toxic when ingested
  • Ideal as a spiller when it comes to spiller-thriller-filler container combinations
  • Follow vinca-vine rotation to avoid plant ailments and disease
  • Use Heritage, Subdue, or Medallion for plant maintenance
  • Avoid over-watering, and use proper irrigation to allow for root expansion

Pests to Soiree Kawaii

Stay vigilant on the lookout for these pests to your plants. On the plus side, deer and rabbits leave Soiree Kawaii alone due to their toxicity.

  • Whiteflies
  • Aphids
  • Western Flower Thrips
  • Red Spider Mites

Diseases to Watch for in Soiree Kawaii

Heritage, Subdue, and Medallion work well to prevent disease, and you can follow the same plant-prevention practices for rotation as you do for vinca vine.

  • Botrytis
  • Thielaviopsis
  • Corynespora
  • Phytophthora
  • Pythium
  • Rhizoctonia

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