Palm Beach County Tree Trimming for Hurricane Season

With predictions of an overly active hurricane season coming to Jupiter, FL, and the surrounding Palm Beach County, FL trimming your trees and shrubs is vital to protect your landscaping from wind damage. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts at least 13 to 19 storms for 2020’s Atlantic Hurricane Season, with three to six of those storms being major hurricanes. Don’t let these major storms ruin your hard work and landscaping, prepare your yard with Palm Beach County tree trimming service from Lucky Landscaping, before it’s too late.

The best course of action is to grow your trees with a strong base and a well-spaced framework of branches. When a tree is young, you can alter the growth patterns with proper trimming, helping the tree stay strong and wind-resistant. Instead of cutting your young trees back and making them more bush-like, encourage the tree to form a secure center for the trunk. To avoid top-heaviness, don’t let top branches extend much more prolonged than lower limbs.

When you prepare your landscape with the proper trimming and pruning techniques, you’ll be a step ahead when it comes to recovering from a hurricane. Start by cutting out the sucker shoots, or the small shoot-offs where the tree is sprouting new branches. Next, cut out branches that cross, and any that are growing towards the center of the tree. Avoid what’s commonly called “hurricane cutting” with palm tree types, as it leaves the trees susceptible to diseases and makes their root systems weaker.

A tree with a weak root system can be uprooted and thrown during a severe storm or hurricane. Keep your tree roots healthy with proper care year-round to avoid losing all of your hard work during a hurricane or tropical storm coming to Palm Beach County, FL.
When in doubt about how to prepare your trees and landscape for the current hurricane season, hire a professional. We’ll make sure your yard gets the care it needs to stay strong and weather the storm, year after year.

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