Selling a Home in Palm Beach County?

Palm Beach County Landscaping for More Curb Appeal

Palm Beach County Landscaping and home sales tend to go hand in hand if you are looking for the best return on investment. If you are selling your home in Palm Beach County, consider upgrading your landscaping for curb appeal.

When you care about the value of your home, landscaping becomes essential in getting the most return on your investment. Home sellers in Palm Beach County know that when you have a beautifully landscaped yard, your whole home is more appealing to buyers. While landscaping costs can range from next to nothing all the way up to outrageous costs, they yield decent returns at nearly every increment.

Here are a few landscaping projects that will add value to your home and increase the chances of closing on your property in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Create a Path to Home Ownership

Add a stone walkway to your home from the driveway or street. A path to the house leads potential buyers in and welcomes them to the home. Line the pathway with well-edged garden beds, flowers, and solar lights for a warmly lit welcome to everyone who views your home for sale in southern Florida.

Flourish with Flowerbeds and Bushes

Add flowerbeds to the front of the home to create a beautiful contrast of colors that grabs the attention of everyone who passes by the house. 

Flowers that Flourish in Palm Beach County

  • Bush Daisy: Love the full sun and add vibrant yellow to the front of your home. These are best as a shrub border or accent plant
  • Lantana: With rainbow color selections, these flowers grow in mounds like are perfect for ground cover and attract butterflies
  • Vinca: Vinca, or Periwinkle, are low-maintenance flowers that are perfect for your flowerbed and van be mixed with other flowers easily. They are drought-tolerant and love the Florida sunshine. 

Irrigation to Avoid Homeowner Irritation

Reduce the amount of water waste and runoff into the home with landscaping projects that allow for proper irrigation of the land around your home. Proper irrigation with landscaping can prevent foundation issues, and make your land more fertile for future gardening and landscaping projects. 

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