4 Easy Tips for Grass Growth In Florida.

The sunshine state is great for basking in the summer heat, but Florida lawns often take the brunt and end up cooking in the sun. To replace, reseed, or start a grass lawn in Florida, try our four easy steps for the best Grass Growth in Florida.

Select the Appropriate Grass Species.

Depending on where you are in Florida, different species of grass will thrive, or never take root and die. Select the best grass species for your area based on the species’ needs and what your site offers. Once you know the grass will grow in your area, you have a few more things to consider:

  • Do you want sturdy grass that is resistant to heavy traffic?
  • Do you want a show-lawn with vibrant hues of green?
  • Does your grass need to be heat resistant?
  • How often do you want to water your grass?

Once you’ve covered these questions, you can make an informed decision for your grass needs. Typically, Floridians do well with Bahia and Bermuda grass species.

Test pH Levels in your Soil

Depending on your pH levels, you may need to either add compost or lime to get it to the appropriate level for grass to grow. It is recommended that your pH levels for soil should be between 6 and 7.5. If too low, add lime. If too high, add compost.

You can use a soil test kit that goes into the ground and monitors the moisture levels, sunlight, and moisture of the soil.

Prep Work for Soil

Before you can spread grass seeds, your soil needs to be free of big rocks, weeds, and dead grass. You will also want to start your seeding on leveled ground, which you can achieve with a rake. Start by removing rocks and weeding the area, then loosen the soil with a rototiller. Add fertilizer, and any compost or lime needed depending on pH levels, then start irrigating the soil with the tiller.

Use a Seed Spreader

A seed spreader helps ensure that your grass seeds are planted evenly, making for a lush, green lawn. Seed in every direction for maximum coverage, then cover the seeds with a small amount of soil to keep them from eroding away in the rain. 

If you want your Grass Growth in Florida to be the best it can be, touch base with the professionals to get it done, Lucky Landscaping is just a call away.

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