South Florida HOA Landscaping Guidelines

When it comes to increasing property value and better curb appeal, you cannot beat a properly maintained landscape. Homeowners in Southern Florida who are members of a Homeowner’s Association (HOA) need to keep regulations in mind when starting a landscaping project and increasing property value for the entire neighborhood. You want to keep your neighborhood beautiful and attract new home buyers while staying within budget and getting quality results. Read on to see the dos and don’ts for HOA landscaping projects in Southern Florida using these simple South Florida HOA Landscaping Guidelines.

Do Hire a Professional Landscaping Company

Your residents will appreciate the result of beautiful and uniform landscaping projects for your HOA. You will also get a more polished overall landscaping design when you hire a licensed and professional landscaping company in Southern Florida for an HOA.

Do Start with an Approved Plan and Budget.

Start with an HOA meeting to approve a plan and budget for your landscaping project before hiring a landscaping company. Know what your HOA fees cover, and prevent having to increase HOA fees for residents by keeping within the confines of your budget. Residents love results without having to dig into their pockets for additional funding of the improvements.

Do Integrate Hardscaping

Integrate retaining walls, rock structures, and other hardscaping forms to prevent erosion around your landscaping project.

Do Recycle or Source Recycled Materials

When it comes to fertilizing and mulching your landscaping project, though not something that works for every community, a community compost pile helps reduce waste in your community, as well as the cost of maintenance.

Don’t Go Over Budget for Formal Landscape Designs

When you start with a formal landscape design, you must maintain that design with extreme scrutiny. Keeping your landscape symmetric will prove daunting, and cost your HOA more in maintenance than non-symmetrical landscape designs that can be just as, or even more beautiful than many formal landscape designs.

Don’t Overuse Weed Barrier or LAndscape Fabric

Weed barrier fabric is excellent for walkways to prevent gravel and pebble sidewalk areas from sinking in the soil. However, when overused in planter areas, they can prevent plants from receiving vital nutrients, and weeds can grow on top of the fabric in the soil, rendering them useless.

Don’t Start a Project Without the Required Planning

When starting a community landscaping project, always consult with a professional Landscaping Company before starting a new project. Walk the property with a professional, listen to their recommendations, and request a detailed bid, with options, to get the job done.

If you want your HOA community in South Florida to be the best it can be, touch base with the professionals to get it done, Lucky Landscaping is just a call away.

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Our Crew

Only our trusted crews will be working on your property. All of our employees have background checks done, so you can rest assured that our crews are safe to be on your property. We hold our employees accountable and train them in customer service and best lawn care and landscaping practices, so you will only have responsible and conscientious workers taking care of your South Florida HOA Landscaping.

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