South Florida HOA Landscaping Tips For Winter

Suppose, like most businesses in Florida, you are about to participate in the winter holiday festivities and have installations in your gardens for your tenants to enjoy. In that case, here are some key landscaping tips to consider concerning the care and maintenance of your lawns and gardens during the winter months. 

Although it does not get freezing during the holiday season, one evening of sub-30 temperatures can destroy all the hard work you have put into maintaining your gardens.

Take note of these care and landscaping tips to ensure your garden remains protected and cared for:

1. Tree Maintenance and Trimming.

Now is the time for trimming and maintenance of trees. While they are dormant, some trees have shed their leaves during the winter months. It is ideal for trimming them back, removing the dead branches, and reducing the size of the trees and shrubs. If you are unsure of how to do this properly, consider hiring an expert to assist. Hacking the trees with no set plan can backfire when they start to grow again.

2. Mulching

Protect the soil and roots of your plants. Adding mulch to your flower beds helps moderate the temperature of the ground. The covering keeps the roots warmer in the colder months and cooler in summer. It can also help reduce soil erosion and increase the quality of the soil. It helps to reduce water usage by keeping the soil moist for longer. Adding pine needles or pine straw as a ground cover works as a blanket for your plants, keeping them warm during the colder winter evenings.

3. Water is Life

You may think that because plants are dormant during the winter months, they don’t need water as much. It is counterintuitive, as the root systems are still active during winter. While most of the plant will be bare and dormant, continuing to feed and water the roots will bode well for the plant’s health during the dry winter months.

4. Vulnerable Plants

Many sensitive plants may need a helping hand with a bit of coverage as the cold weather rolls in. Using a cloth, burlap, or other material covering available from your local nursery will help your plants survive the cold spells. Although frost is not expected in Florida, on average, there are five days a year where temperatures can dip below 32 degrees. Whatever you do, avoid using plastic bags to cover plants to protect them. Condensation can form on the leaves and create an unwanted mold on the plants during the cooler evenings, and the sunlight can burn them through the plastic during the day.

5. Plan Your Power

Everyone loves festive lighting and decorations in their gardens. Take care to plan your extension cables and power sources to avoid any mishaps. The last thing you need is to electrocute the person mowing your lawn if they don’t see a power cable running over your property. If decorating the gardens is a regular occurrence, consider running PVC pipes underground for your cables and power.

6. Seasonal Colors

What would Christmas be without a myriad of Poinsettias showing off their beauty? Consider decorating your common areas by dotting them around to bring color to otherwise dull areas. Making use of pots allows you to move them around to change up the locations at will.

7. Lawn Care

Don’t forget your lawn. While not much is happening with your lawn during the winter months, it is best practice to fertilize your lawn in October /November with a high potassium fertilizer. You can still water the grass to keep it from dying altogether, which will make its return in the summer months much harder to manage.

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