Hurricane Prep & COVID-19

With all the craziness that we have experienced in recent times, it is probably smart to pre-plan for hurricane season.  Just this past weekend, we saw the first tropical depression come through and hurricane season has not even started yet.

Another good reason is the upcoming “Tax Holiday” for Hurricane preparedness, from May 29th through June 4th, there will be Sales Tax Breaks on certain items that you would need for your Hurricane Prep. Click on the image below or go to the Florida Department of Revenue website for more information.

Hurricane Prep & COVID-19

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Preparing Trees for Hurricanes.

With our hurricane season upon us in a few weeks, we have to consider the extensive damage these tropical storms and hurricanes do to landscapes. There are however ways to make your landscape more hurricane-resistant so that it will be less likely to suffer damage during a major storm.

The correct pruning of trees is vital in helping trees survive hurricanes.  You can train young trees to develop into a sturdy, well-spaced framework of healthy branches, all off a dominant trunk.  You then maintain this form as far up the tree as is possible by reducing the length of competing stems and branches.

If you have trees over 15 foot tall, the hiring of a certified arborist is advised to do the pruning of the trees before hurricane season starts.  Removal of weak or dead branches is imperative, as these could fall on people or become projectiles and damage property.

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Our Crew

Only our trusted crews working on your property. All of our employees have background checks done, so you can rest assured that our crews are safe to be on your property. We hold our employees accountable and train them in customer service and best lawn care practices, so you will only have responsible and conscientious workers taking care of your lawn maintenance.

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